How To Play

Step 1: Use Meta Mask wallet to login to the Game,

Soccer Player offers a new player incentive program. After completing certain early missions, players, who register into the game and connect to their MetaMask wallet for the first time, will be rewarded with a Free NFT Box:

• Follow Soccer Crypto on Twitter

• Join the Soccer Crypto Telegram group

Players can open the Free Box and obtain NFT players to begin participating in our game modes.

Besides, users can buy Premium Box on Marketplace and open NFT

Step 2: After entering the game, you will see sections below on the screen:

  1. Competition: You can select this section to start the game and earn token rewards

  2. Inventory: where your NFTs are stored

  3. NFT Marketplace: Buy Box NFT

Step 3: Join competition to start earning tokens. Equip your character with accessories for a higher winning rate

Step 4: Buy sell NFT on the marketplace

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