Friendly matches (PvE)

Player vs SoccerCrypto Environment mode. Players will be able to play as many friendly matches as they wish, but the condition of NFT players will be reduced after each match, conditioning the matches they can play during the day without increasing the risk of injury.

Players will lose one energy after each game, and they must either wait for a refill or utilize a special item to get it right away.

If the match was successful, you will also receive token compensation. The winner of the game will receive a 100% reward token. The reward will be gradually raised with each level. Losers, on the other side, receive a 50% token reward. If players continue to lose in subsequent bouts, their reward will be reduced by half.

In SoccerCrypto, we allow players to compete in 12 matches at the same time, increasing their capacity to earn money in the game. Each match will have 2 rounds. Each round will last 90 seconds. Players can use their abilities to win matches and receive token rewards.

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