Buyback and burn

After launch, Soccer Crypto will adopt buyback & burn as a deflationary mechanism to increase SOW tokens long-term value. The tokens are burnt in order to reduce the overall SOW tokens circulation, stabilize the token price and create deflation. The portion of game's revenue used for buyback & burn are:

1. Soccer Crypto NFT Marketplace - 100% of transaction fees go towards buyback and burn.

2. Profit of NFT Box Sales - 20% profit of the sales proceeds will be used for our marketing campaign, and buyback and burn.

3. Reserver Fund - 10% of Reserve Fund goes towards buyback and burn quarterly.

4. When players use $SOW to upgrade or repair NFT Players and equipment, $SOW tokens will be burned and $SOW circulating supply will be reduced significantly. 100% of upgrade fee will be used for buyback and burn.

5. Energy Box - 100% of energy box sales proceeds go towards buyback and burn.

Soccer Crypto will going to use the above fund to buy back $SOW tokens and then burn them monthly. We will make announcements regarding the buyback and burn program on our social media channels. The buyback and burn proceeds will be updated on a regular basis as our project progresses. This will continuously lower the supply, redistribute the value of the $SOW tokens to the remaining $SOW holders and push up $SOW price constantly.

Benefits of Buyback and Burn program

  • Support the growth and price stability of the token value once listed for secondary trading.

  • The token will be more attractive to investors.

  • Results in increased liquidity as the secondary market demand for trading the asset on exchanges will be higher. Increased liquidity in turn results in lower price volatility.

  • Incentivizes long-term growth investors to HODL tokens, which further adds value to the asset.

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