What is Soccer Crypto?

SoccerCrypto is a combination of passion for football and blockchain technology. We aim to create a platform not just for NFT collection, but also a platform for users to equip their NFT players with uniquely designed items. Besides, we seek to provide our users thrilling experiences of fast-paced multiplayer soccer matches!

In SoccerCrypto, players are able to play for free everyday and earn the tickets to participate in exclusive fiery matches to achieve tournaments’ grand prizes worth up to 10.000% ROI.

All SoccerCrypto’s characters have equal strength. Players will rely on skill and luck to collect valuable items. With the more masterful skill set, the more valuable items you can collect in our game and trade them on SoccerCrypto’s marketplace.

Highlight Features:

  • Own and take control NFT characters for playing to earn.

  • Design your own characters with unique accessories.

  • Challenge other players from all-over the world in real-time.

  • Big rewards are waiting for the Champions!

With the passion for football and blockchain technology, we have developed SoccerCrypto that simulates a football game on the Binance Smart Chain. Each match in SoccerCrypto lasts for 90 seconds, players can experience matches with several levels. We understand that it can be difficult for players when competing directly with opponents to reach higher levels. Therefore, SoccerCrypto also has simple daily tasks for you to easily receive gifts from the Publisher. The more time invested in the game, the better income players can earn.

In the stages of developing ideas and new features of the game, we always look forward to hearing from players, so that SoccerCrypto is a product of the community, developed by the community.

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